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This page has various 'full packages', or complete autoexec.cfgs that use a set of other scripts. You can replace your autoexec.cfg with one downloaded from here. You will download a zip file containing the autoexec.cfg file, and a readme containing and explanation of everything that it does.

Colm's Package

The first is a compilation of all of the scripts that I reccomend. It has 'Weapon Selection #1', 'Team Comms #1', 'Netgraph #1', and 'Run/Walk Toggle #1'.

Here it is:

Jack_Blatt 's Package

This is a full package that was submitted by Jack_Blatt. It contains a whole host of scripts and such that are interrelated and such, so they aren't listed individually on other pages. Here's some info about it as provided by him:

Dont know if these will be useful to anyone or not, but i use them every time i play AHL. Teamplay especially, because i think the game is much more fun when people use the radio commands.

The discerning user can of course change the keys to suit their setup, and change the say_team binds so say other more unique things.

Basically the whole package binds weapon hotkeys, radio voice and text commands, and gestures among other things.

Hope these are of some use to somebody!

Here it is:

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