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This page explains how binds, aliases, cfg files, and all that work. actually, since I'm lazy, I'm just going to link to a site that already has this information. Even though it's a counterstrike scripting page, all the same ideas and techniques apply.

This is part of Counter-Script, a planethalflife-hosted scripting site for Counter-Strike. It also has lots of other useful information, examples, and whatnot. Go check it out.

Here's a link to basic HL commands, almost all of which work in AHL (obviously, the weapon commands and such don't work) Most of the cheats work too. (when in 'sv_cheat 1' mode)

Finally, here's a list of the AHL commands: (this is in the readme.txt as well)

+commandmenu - brings up option menu (change team, weapon etc)

+stunt - the Stunt button, used for dives, etc.

+change - brings up the weapon selection menu, enter is always bound to this.

heal - used to bandage your wounds if bleeding/limping

dropitem - drop your current specail item

useitem - switch your special item on/off

dropweapon - Drops your unique weapon(s)

weapon - helpful command for : a) switching to or between unique weapons. b) unzooming. c) putting pin back in an armed grenade. d) switching to last used weapon.

radio - radio this message to everyone directly (for making custom shortcuts etc)

gesture - do this gesture (for making custom shortcuts etc) valid gestures : point_forward, point_up, wave_forward, wave_stop, flipoff, taunt & salute

+stunt - used to dive, go prone etc

ignoremode - Cycle through ignore modes (broadcast, broadcast & radio, all or none)

say_team %L flag - add location information to message. eg. say_team "Taking fire near %L" would come out as "Oddjob [TEAM] : Taking fire near East Avenue"

say_team %V flag - add ident information to message. eg. say_team "I can see %V sitting on his arse" would come out as "Oddjob [TEAM] : I can see Agent Smith sitting on his arse"

say_team %O flag - add ident location information to message. eg. say_team "Enemy %V spotted near %O" would come out as "Oddjob [TEAM] : Enemy Agent Smith spotted near East Avenue"

say_team %W flag - add weaponname information to message. eg. say_team "I'm using a %w" would come out as "Oddjob [TEAM] : I'm using a shotgun"

say_team %I flag - add itemname information to message. eg. say_team "I'm have a %i" would come out as "Oddjob [TEAM] : I'm have a laser sight"

say_team %H flag - add health information to message. eg. say_team "I'm on %h" would come out as "Oddjob [TEAM] : I'm on 50% health"

weapon_fists - Kung Fu mode :)
weapon_knife - Knife
weapon_frag - Grenade
weapon_beretta - Single Beretta
weapon_colt - Single Colt 1911
weapon_saa - Single Colt SAA
weapon_anaconda - .44 Magnum
weapon_de50 - Desert Eagle
weapon_akimbob - Akimbo Berettas
weapon_akimcolts - Akimbo Colt 1911
weapon_akimsaa - Akimbo Colt SAA
weapon_mp5 - MP5K Submachine gun
weapon_m4 - M4 Assault Rifle
weapon_hc - Handcannon
weapon_shotgun - Shotgun
weapon_msg90 - MSG90 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
weapon_50cal - .50cal Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle null

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