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Basic Scripts:
Double Tap Dives #1
Double Tap Dives #2
Run/Walk Toggle #1
Long Jump #1
Duck Jump #1

Advanced Scripts:
Run/Walk Toggle #2
Mloclam's Spin
Joystick Dives #1

Basic Scripts
The following scripts are written to be easy to modify. Usually, if you want to rebind one of these scripts to a different key, you will only have to change it in one place. This is not the most efficeint way to do it, but is fine for beginners who only want to use the scripts, not understand how they work. Copy the stuff in brown into your autoexec to use these scripts. If you want to put the script on a different key or keys, modify the part that says "bind f4 reportin". If, for instance, you want 'report in' to be on 'i', change it to "bind i reportin". Usually, all the bind's will be at the end of the script. If you use the default keys, it will not be necessary to alter these scripts.

Double Tap Dives #1 by Colm

This script allows you to dive in any direction by pressing a direction key twice in a row. Use of this script may result in inadvertant diving however, as there is no time limit on the double press. If you press forward and then forward again five minutes later you will dive. If you press forward, then left, then forward, you will not dive. Pressing jump will also prevent the next movement from being a dive. Once you have pressed a movement key, pressing any of the other three movement keys, or jump, will prevent the next press of the original movement key from being a dive. None of the other keys matter. For example pressing forward, attack, forward will dive. Thanks to ^SiLvEr.FoX^ for the inspiration for this script.
//double tap dives #1 by Colm
alias +lmove "+moveleft"
alias +rmove "+moveright"
alias +fmove "+forward"
alias +bmove "+back"

alias -lmove "-moveleft; lready"
alias -rmove "-moveright; rready"
alias -fmove "-forward; fready"
alias -bmove "-back; bready"

alias lreset "alias +ltap +lmove; alias -ltap -lmove"
alias rreset "alias +rtap +rmove; alias -rtap -rmove"
alias freset "alias +ftap +fmove; alias -ftap -fmove"
alias breset "alias +btap +bmove; alias -btap -bmove"

alias lready "allreset; alias +ltap +ldive; alias -ltap -ldive"
alias rready "allreset; alias +rtap +rdive; alias -rtap -rdive"
alias fready "allreset; alias +ftap +fdive; alias -ftap -fdive"
alias bready "allreset; alias +btap +bdive; alias -btap -bdive"

alias +ldive "+moveleft; wait; +stunt"
alias +rdive "+moveright; wait; +stunt"
alias +fdive "+forward; wait; +stunt"
alias +bdive "+back; wait; +stunt"

alias -ldive "-stunt; wait; -moveleft; allreset"
alias -rdive "-stunt; wait; -moveright; allreset"
alias -fdive "-stunt; wait; -forward; allreset"
alias -bdive "-stunt; wait; -back; allreset"

alias allreset "lreset; rreset; freset; breset"

alias +dtjump "+jump; allreset"
alias -dtjump "-jump; allreset"


bind w +ftap // forward
bind s +btap // backward
bind a +ltap // left
bind d +rtap // right
bind space +dtjump // jump

Double Tap Dives #2 by ^SiLvEr.FoX^

Same as above, only left and right diving only. This was written before #1 and was the inspiration for it.
// Double Tap Dives #2 by ^SiLvEr.FoX^
alias rtreset "bind rightarrow +mright"
alias lftreset "bind leftarrow +mleft"
alias w2 "wait;wait"
alias +mright "lftreset;+moveright"
alias -mright "-moveright;bind rightarrow +dblrt"
alias +dblrt "+moveright;w2;+stunt;w2;-moveright;w2;-stunt"
alias -dblrt "bind rightarrow +mright"
alias +mleft "rtreset;+moveleft"
alias -mleft "-moveleft;bind leftarrow +dbllft"
alias +dbllft "+moveleft;w2;+stunt;w2;-moveleft;w2;-stunt"
alias -dbllft "bind leftarrow +mleft"

bind leftarrow "+mleft" // left
bind rightarrow "+mright" // right
bind uparrow "lftreset;rtreset;+forward" // forward
bind downarrow "lftreset;rtreset;+back" // backward

Run/Walk Toggle #1 by Mloclam.

This allows you to toggle between walking and running by pressing '/'.

//Toggle between walking and running #1
alias walk "+speed; developer 1; echo Walking; developer 0; alias move_ run"
alias run "-speed; developer 1; echo Running; developer 0; alias move_ walk"
alias move_ run
bind / move_

Long Jump #1 by Kikan Shiro

This allows you to longjump by pressing R.

alias "+longjump" "+duck;wait;wait;wait;+jump"
alias "-longjump" "-duck;-jump"
bind "r" "+longjump"

Duck Jump #1 by Kikan Shiro

This allows you to duckjump by pressing alt.

alias "+duckjump" "+jump;+duck"
alias "-duckjump" "-jump;-duck"
bind "alt" "+duckjump"

Advanced Scripts
This section contains scripts are the most efficient forms of the basic scripts, as well as scripts that are too complex for beginners. The 'efficient' ones are more difficult to modify, but they take less space in memory. Furthermore, There is a limit to how many aliases Half Life can load. Using fewer aliases in scripts lowers the chance that you will hit this limit. You need to understand how scripts work in order to use these. Click
here to learn.

Run/Walk Toggle #2 by Mloclam
Efficient version.
//Toggle between walking and running #2
alias walk "+speed;developer 1; echo Walking;developer 0; bind shift run"
alias run "-speed; developer 1; echo Running; developer 0; bind shift walk"
bind shift walk

Mloclam's Spin submitted by Mloclam

This allows you to spin by pressing 'h'.
alias +spinleft "cl_yawspeed 2000; +left"
alias -spinleft "cl_yawspeed 140; -left; bind h +spinright"
alias +spinright "cl_yawspeed 2000; +right"
alias -spinright "cl_yawspeed 140; -right; bind h +spinright; bind h +spinleft"
bind h +spinleft

Joystick Dives #1 by [AC]Kissamies.

This allows you to dive sideways with a joystick. You will need to bind the joystick buttons to +diveleft and +diveright. Joystick users need a workaround like this because the game doesn't recognise x-axis strafing as movement for special moves. I included a full joystick.cfg as an attachment to provide an example of a joystick.cfg (and to help make sense of the script). Half-Life's readme is the best source of information I know of on configuring joystick for HL, by the way.

//The sideways diving script
alias +diveleft "+moveleft;+stunt;joyadvaxisy 0"
alias +diveright "+moveright;+stunt;joyadvaxisy 0"
alias -diveleft "-stunt;-moveleft;joyadvaxisy 1"
alias -diveright "-stunt;-moveright;joyadvaxisy 1"

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