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The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

Comics that feature Furries Only-

(all links open in new windows)

Updated Daily-

Ozy & Millie

Ozy and Millie is a great strip, reminescent of Calvin and Hobbes.
Colm McSky highly recommends this strip.

Keven & Kell

Kevin and Kell is a nice strip about an inter-species family.
Colm McSky recommends this strip.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is about an alcoholic rabbit. It's pretty funny, but rather adult. Not in terms of nudity or excessive bad language, but general theme. Younger readers may find it booring.

Sherman's Lagoon

Sherman's lagoon is about sharks and other underwater things.

Unlike Minerva

Unlike Minerva features a different artist each week!

Barely Funky

Barely Funky: it's about bears.


Orville is about a squirrel and his friends.

Dakota's Ridge

Dakota's Ridge is a strip about a wolfpack and a cougar. It's style is very similar to Disney's The Lion King. Colm McSky reccomends this strip.

Mother Goose and Grimm

Mother Goose and Grimm is about an anthro mother goose, her cat, and her dog making jokes about pets.

Not In My Back Yard

Not In My Back Yard is about a bunch of pets sharing the same backyard.

Scoop Hamster

Scoop Hamster is about 3 hampters with an attitude.

Bobo's Progress

Bobo's Progress is about furries who work in an office situation.

Dragon Tails

Dragon Tails: a daily dose of minidragon adventures!

Urban Dragons

Urban Dragons is about dragons in the modern world.

Krazy Larry

Krazy Larry is about a bunch of mad scientists and krazy characters.


DeRaptor is a cool strip about cool birds and reptiles.


Mudpie a nice, child-friendly strip.


Mutts is about pets.

Fuzzy Things

Fuzzy Things is all about furry kids and their adventures.

Updated Semi-Daily-

The Class Menagerie

The Class Menagerie is a good strip about College Life.
Colm McSky highly recommends this strip.


Suburban Jungle is a great strip about Tiffany Tiger.
Colm McSky highly recommends this strip.
Mon, Wed, Fri

Faux Pas

Faux Pas is about a couple of foxes. Tue, Fri

Nip an Tuck

Nip an Tuck is about a couple of Redneck foxes. Tue, Thur, Sat.

Under The Lemon Tree

Under the Lemon Tree: Gone Crazy, Back Later. Mon, Wed, Fri.

Updated Weekly-

Lang Lang

Lang Lang is a nice comic srip about a cat from Hong Kong who is adopted by american parents, and finds out she's a triplet, and becomes head cheerleader, and beats the crap out of a criminal.
Roland Bloodthunder highly recommends this strip.

Wild Life

Wild Life is about a Muskrat, a Weasel, and a Badger.

21st Century Fox

21st Centry Fox is about a fox in the 21st century.

Skippy & Liska

Skippy and Liska is a good strip about a jackrabbit and a vixen.

House Cats

House Cats is about for house cats.

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes is about a tiger.

It's a Jungle Out There

It's a Jungle Out There is a collection of single-panel strips.

Crazy as a Fox

Crazy as a Fox is about a few victorian foxes around the turn of the century.

Tikaboo Peak

"Welcome to Tikaboo Peak, home of the Tikaboo Peak University Fighting Titans, plus a hotbed of UFO activity."

Aford Turtle

Aford Turtle: a snake, a bird, and a turtle.


Smithstone: Imagine a MUD with computer-generated graphics and a plot...

No Outlet

No Outlet: "This strip is the result of a lifetime of slacking. It finally began when I came to the conclusion that any goon could do a comic if he wanted to."


Roomies: Chaos, Computers, and 2x4 Lumber.

Updated Periodically/Randomly-

Doemain of our Own

A Doemain of our own is about a deer couple.
Colm McSky recommends this strip.

Journey to the West

Journey to the West: Jack Crazyquilt moved back to the Southwestern desert to get some peace. But life is never that simple, even for a Zen coyote. After being joined by a paranoid fox, a philosophical alien, and a cynical Southern belle, Jack decides to leap headfirst into the chaos -- much to the chagrin of his drunken Zen master.

Academy Vale

Academy Vale is a well drawn strip about furries in school.


Wildfire is about a furry firefighting troupe.

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures

Dan and Mab is about characters on Furcadia.


Limpidity is a reasonably good strip, updated randomly.
Colm McSky recommends this strip.

West Corner of the Park

West Corner is a strip about FurryMUCK.
Colm McSky highly recommends this strip.


Beached is all about the beach and the animals/people who live there.

Ernie and Friends

After a three year long hiatus, the Ernie comics are back!


Zorando is about a pig.


Felicia is an actual comic book that is about 30 pages long (or so) not bad, well drawn, about a fox sorceress.

11 Will Die

11 Will Die is about 12 furries from different worlds, all after the same goal. But only one will survive.

Reality Bites

Reality Bites is a strip about firries taking on the horrors of everyday life!

Not Wild, Just Crazy

a nice strip about ferrets. It actually appears in modern ferret magazine, and it seems to be a great comic for any ferret lover.


a strip about a furry hacker. well drawn.

Surf Rat and Spencer

a nice, funny strip about mice, rats and other furies.

Bob and Bella

Bob and Bella: 2 crazy, strage, funny bats.

Fifth Season

Fifth Season: About history. Updated randomly or archived, this page has been pretty dry. I still like it though. shows a lot of depth.


GREB: a half-failed cloning experiment leaves these furries out to forge on their own. Of course, they were humans originally...I don't see why they seem so upset with their new form...

Leon and Kay

Leon and Kay. This is the place to read about all the crazy adventures these furries have from simply going to an anime convention to warping through time into other worlds or merely trying to make it through one more school day without crossing paths with Alex the school bully.

Updated Monthly-

Sabrina Online

Sabrina is a wonderfully drawn and very funny strip.
Colm McSky highly recommends this strip.

(Sabrina Mirror)
(Sabrina At Algonquin - archived)


Macropodia is about brightly colored Kangaroos.


Spellshocked is about a fox who is going through a wizards school, and the 1/4 dragin who has just arrived to take lessons. The problem is, the fox has...issues...

Walter Kitty

Walter Kitty is a great oline exclisuve comic book. Even has other languages.


SGP is about a couple of critters.



'Colm' is a strip about me.

The Changing Workplace

Oren the Otter in 'The Changing Workplace'

Tommy and PJ

Tommy and PJ is also written by Oren the Otter.

Foul Corp

this comic strip had a beginning and and end and it's over. It's a nice story about a dog who works at a rather dilbert-esque corporation but tragedy separates him from dilbert.

The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower was done for a school newspaper for one school year. Too bad the author graduated, it was pretty good.
Colm McSky reccomends this strip.

Panda and Dogg

Panda and Dogg strips are drawn in comic-book style.

DeAnza Dawg

DeAnza Dawg has only seven strips.

Zoion College

Zoion College has 32 strips.

Get Familiar

Get Familiar is a series of VERY old strips about a furry fantasy comic, sort of like Redwall. The series ended in 1994.
Roland Bloodthunder reccomends this strip.


Thaddeus is coming back to life...I think. The present strip was drawn a long time ago but the site content is only about a year old. Either way it's a nice strip about foxies!
Roland Bloodthunder reccomends this strip.

See more on the Mixed Comics Page.

The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

If you know of any more, please let me know!


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