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The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

Comics that feature Humans and Furries-

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Updated Daily-

Bruno the Bandit

Bruno the Bandit features Fiona, the micro-dragon.
Colm McSky highly reccomends this strip.

Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy Freelance features Bun-Bun, Kiki, and Ailee, a mini-lop, a Ferret, and a dragon, respectively.
Colm McSky highly reccomends this strip.


Dilbert is a quite famous strip that has many anthro characters: Dogbert, Catbert, and Ratbert to name a few.

Funny Farm

Funny Farm is about a diverse cast of furry characters sharing a house. Hilarity ensues. Colm McSky reccomends this strip


Newshounds is an average strip.


Sinfest is an average strip.


Foxtrot occasionly features Quincy the Iquana.

Boston and Shaun

Boston and Shaun is about a human, his dragon, his wierd dreams, and furries all over the place.

Just Another Vice

Just Another Vice: a man and his furries...


Teename Mutant Ninja Turtles: the comic strip! This is the last remnant of them, and the only part that seems to have succeded. Not bad...


Everyone knows about this strip, does it really need a summary?


Buckles: A nice strip about a cute little doggie


Fluble: Strange. Wierd. Odd.


Heathcliff: small one panels comics.


Galapagos: unging seals, angry young birds, guru koalas, pessimist (ooh, sorry, REALIST) iguanas and a few other animals that Darwin musta figured no-one would ever believe live here.

Updated Semi-Daily-

One Clown Short

One Clown Short


Freefall is a great Sci-Fi/Furry combination, updated Mon, Wed, Fri.
Colm McSky highly reccomends this strip.

Dela the Hooda

Dela the Hooda is a strip about a Vixen, aka 'Hooda'.
Colm McSky highly reccomends this strip.

Gene Catlow

Gene Catlow is about a black feline, and a telepathic rabbit also. It has a very deep storyline, quite the departure from your usual slapstick.

Cyantia Chronicles

Cyantia Chronicles: well drawn, realistic furries in realistic life or death situations.
Roland Bloodthunder highly reccomends this strip.

Updated Weekly-

The Mr. Chuck Show

The Mr. Chuck Show: Funny, silly, stupid, a good joke.

Master Zen-Dao Meow

Master Zen-Dao Meow: great strip, well drawn, about cats in the US.
Roland Bloodthunder reccomends this strip.

Cigarro and Cerveja

Cigarro and Cerveja

Absolute Tripe

Absolute Tripe: a well drawn strip.

Way Out West

Way Out West is all about desert creatures...a vulture as a lawyer, that sort of thing...not bad really.

Jeff Turtle

Jeff Turtle: A turtle tries to see hoe many OTHER things he can do as a turtle. Helmets, discus, things like that.

Updated Periodically-

Camera Angles

Camera Angles

Wonder 'Zoi

Wonder 'Zoi: a dog's life. Updated infrequently

Paranoid Joe

Paranoid Joe. Updated infrequently

Updated Montly-


Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path is a nice strip about a girl and a wolf. Colm and
Roland both reccomend this strip.

Liver and Milky

Liver and Milky

Haul Trek

Haul Trek: being a garbage man of the future isn't all that interesting...but it is funny to those who read about it.

Paladins' Haven

Paladins' Haven

The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

If you know of any more, please let me know


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