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July 1, 2001
Well, that sure worked. I got lots of ideas, and I made scripts out of the feasable ones. Also, Wacky Iraqi and Kikan Shiro submitted some too. Thanks to everyone, here are a bunch of new scripts:
Grenade Throw #1
Hold4 Grenade #1
Hold4 Punch #1
Hold4 Knife #1
Spinkick #1
Mouse Tuning #1
Inverted Mouse Tuning #1
Long Jump #1
Duck Jump #1

Also, you may be interested in the AHL Singleplayer Campaign I have created. You can get more information in this thread.

June 24, 2001
I have no update this week, because I am out of ideas. I am in need of ideas for scripts. If you have an idea for a script, send it to me and I will try to make it.

June 17, 2001
At the request of Phyrexia, I have created a little script for Assault Rifle Users. What it does is allows you to switch directly between single shot and three round burst, without worrying about full auto. Full details can be found here.

June 9, 2001
I have created a new, exceedingly cool script: Slow Motion Dives - Single Player Script. Did I mention how extremely cool it was? Go check it out.

June 3, 2001
Jack_Blatt has submitted a comprehensive package that he uses. It can be found on the Full Packages page. Since it is all interrelated and stuff, the individual bits and pieces are not listed on other pages. Enjoy.

May 20, 2001
I've added yet another new page, the Movement page. It has lots of nifty scripts, including scripts for double-tap diving, run/walk toggle, Mloclam's spin, and Joystick dives. Check them out.

May 9, 2001
I've added another new page and improved the index also. The new page is for demo scripts. I've also added a script to the 'General Comms' page, Keypad Phrases #1.

May 8, 2001
Nologic has submitted many great big scripts for volume, rate, command rate, and update rate. This has prompted me to create a whole new page: the Setup Page. All his and a few more can be found there.

May 3, 2001
I've added two very large scripts to the Miscellanious page. Model Switcher #1 and Model Switcher #2 allow you to easily switch your model in-game.

I've also added a link to GameBind Pro on the Introduction page.

I've also tweaked the site format, adding a conveniant list of scripts at the top of each page.

I've also added a counter:TC

April 27, 2001
I've added two new scripts to the Miscellanious page. Netgraph #2 is an expanded version of Netgraph #1, and Crosshairs #1 is a simple script for changing your crosshair with the M key.

Netgraph #2
I expanded on Mloclam's script, so you can cylce through all the netgraphs
//Netgraph #2
alias graph0 "net_graph 0; alias graph_ graph1"
alias graph1 "net_graph 1; alias graph_ graph2"
alias graph2 "net_graph 2; alias graph_ graph3"
alias graph3 "net_graph 3; alias graph_ graph0"
alias graph_ graph1
bind n graph_

Crosshairs #1
based on the netgraph #2, this cycles through a few different crosshairs
//crosshairs #1
alias cross0 "crosshair 0; alias cross_ cross1"
alias cross1 "crosshair 1; alias cross_ cross2"
alias cross2 "crosshair 2; alias cross_ cross3"
alias cross3 "crosshair 3; alias cross_ cross0"
alias cross_ cross2
bind m cross_

April 20, 2001
Action Half-Life Beta 4 has been released. See for details. Once you've downloaded and installed it, come back here for lots of fun and useful scripts. If you have any cool scripts that aren't already here, send them in!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank rogue for hosting this website and being a generally nice guy :).

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