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Basic Scripts:
Console Dump #1
Mouse Tuning #1
Inverted Mouse Tuning #1

Advanced Scripts:
Netgraph #3
KeyPad Radio Numbers
Slow Motion Dives - Single Player Script
MK Script
Feign Death #1

Basic Scripts
The following scripts are written to be easy to modify. Usually, if you want to rebind one of these scripts to a different key, you will only have to change it in one place. This is not the most efficeint way to do it, but is fine for beginners who only want to use the scripts, not understand how they work. Copy the stuff in brown into your autoexec to use these scripts. If you want to put the script on a different key or keys, modify the part that says "bind f4 reportin". If, for instance, you want 'report in' to be on 'i', change it to "bind i reportin". Usually, all the bind's will be at the end of the script. If you use the default keys, it will not be necessary to alter these scripts.

Mouse Tuning #1 by Colm

This allows you to alter your mouse sensitivity by pressing i
// mouse tuning #1 by Colm
alias mspd1 "m_pitch .033;m_yaw .033; echo High Mouse sensitivity; alias mspd_ mspd2"
alias mspd2 "m_pitch .022;m_yaw .022; echo Medium Mouse sensitivity; alias mspd_ mspd3"
alias mspd3 "m_pitch .011;m_yaw .011; echo Low Mouse sensitivity; alias mspd_ mspd1"
bind i mspd_

Inverted Mouse Tuning #1 by Colm

This allows you to alter your mouse sensitivity by pressing i. This is for people who use inverted y-axis.
// inversed mouse tuning #1 by Colm
alias imspd1 "m_pitch -.033;m_yaw .033; echo High Mouse sensitivity; alias imspd_ imspd2"
alias imspd2 "m_pitch -.022;m_yaw .022; echo Medium Mouse sensitivity; alias imspd_ imspd3"
alias imspd3 "m_pitch -.011;m_yaw .011; echo Low Mouse sensitivity; alias imspd_ imspd1"
bind i imspd_

Console Dump #1 Submbitted by Nologic.

This allows you to dump your console to a text file by pressing x.
// Condump Uni Directional Script
// ==============================
// By Nologic

alias dev_0 "developer 0"
alias dev_1 "developer 1"

alias cd_a0 "dev_1; echo *** Condump Complete ***; dev_0"
alias cd_a1 "dev_1; echo *** No More Available ***; dev_0"

alias cd_00 "alias cd_f cd_01; condump Condump_00.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_01 "alias cd_f cd_02; condump Condump_01.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_02 "alias cd_f cd_03; condump Condump_02.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_03 "alias cd_f cd_04; condump Condump_03.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_04 "alias cd_f cd_05; condump Condump_04.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_05 "alias cd_f cd_06; condump Condump_05.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_06 "alias cd_f cd_07; condump Condump_06.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_07 "alias cd_f cd_08; condump Condump_07.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_08 "alias cd_f cd_09; condump Condump_08.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_09 "alias cd_f cd_10; condump Condump_09.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_10 "alias cd_f cd_11; condump Condump_10.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_11 "alias cd_f cd_12; condump Condump_11.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_12 "alias cd_f cd_13; condump Condump_12.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_13 "alias cd_f cd_14; condump Condump_13.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_14 "alias cd_f cd_15; condump Condump_14.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_15 "alias cd_f cd_16; condump Condump_15.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_16 "alias cd_f cd_17; condump Condump_16.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_17 "alias cd_f cd_18; condump Condump_17.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_18 "alias cd_f cd_19; condump Condump_18.txt; clear; cd_a0"
alias cd_19 "alias cd_f cd_a1; condump Condump_19.txt; clear; cd_a0"

alias cd_f "cd_00"

bind x "cd_f" // Next Condump

Advanced Scripts
This section contains scripts are the most efficient forms of the basic scripts, as well as scripts that are too complex for beginners. The 'efficient' ones are more difficult to modify, but they take less space in memory. Furthermore, There is a limit to how many aliases Half Life can load. Using fewer aliases in scripts lowers the chance that you will hit this limit. You need to understand how scripts work in order to use these. Click
here to learn.

Netgraph #3 submitted by Mloclam
Efficient version.
//Netgraph #3
alias graphon "net_graph 3; bind f2 graphoff"
alias graphoff "net_graph 0; bind f2 graphon"
bind f2 graphon

Keypad Radio Numbers submitted by Mloclam

The following script uses numbers.cfg and keypad.cfg. Add the following lines to your autoexec.cfg:

//Keypad to numbers
alias +numbers "exec numbers.cfg"
alias -numbers "exec keypad.cfg"
bind kp_minus +numbers

Keypad.cfg needs to have all the binds that you use for the keypad, plus an 'unbind' for each unused key to prevent accidental numberage.

The effect is simple, when you are holding down the key to activate +numbers, kp_minus in my case, it rebinds the keypad numbers to radio the numbers, then reverts to the conditions in keypad.cfg when you stop holding it.

Slow Motion Dives - Singleplayer Script by Colm

WARNING: For Advanced Users ONLY!
Ever wish you could dive in slow motion? Well, now you can. thanks to the 'host_framerate' command, it is possible to go into slow motion, but only in singleplayer mode. I have written a SinglePlayer script that automatically goes into slow motion when you press the stunt button and goes back into regular motion when you press a movement key or the stunt button again. Furthermore, I have included the following commands:

o - switch between first and third person perspective
( - rotate view left in third person mode
) - rotate view right in third person mode
k - create grunt in front of you
j - gives all weapons and ammo (press again for akimbos)
x - changes the speed of slow motion (slowest, medium, and fastest)

The default movement keys are wsad, with mouse3 as +stunt. Edit sp.cfg to change.

Also, I've added some handy aliasas which are not bound to any key, but you type them at the console to get a set of equipment:
gimme_boondock - akimbo silenced berettas
gimme_faceoff - akimbo gold colts, kevlar vest
gimme_matrix - Desert Eagle with laser sight
gimme_johnwayne - akimbo SAA's with holster
gimme_desperado - handcannon with slippers

How To Use:
Download the
sp.cfg file, and place it in your '\half-life\action\' directory. Next, download the ahlsp.bat file, and place it in your '\half-life\' directory. Double click on the ahlsp.bat (Action Half Life Single Player Batch file), and it should load half life and take you to the console. At the console, you will see the message 'slowness set to medium'. Next, type 'map ahl_hbraid' (or any other map) to load the map. After the map has loaded, bring down the console, and type 'gimme_boondocks' or whatever to equip yourself. Then you're all set to start fighting.

You can play on any half life map you want. If you want to play the regular Half Life campaign, the map to go to is 'c0a0e'. You can also play ahl maps that have grunts, ahl_hbraid, for example. Other good selections include Kosovo_2 and Kosovo2K. (extract to your '\half-life\action\maps' directory)

MK Script by Colm

WARNING: For Advanced Users ONLY!
Here's a very unusual script, that only works when thirdperson is active. (thirdperson is only active when cheats are active, "sv_cheats 1") It changes AHL into a sidescrolling fighting game, like Mortal Kombat. Thus it is called the mk script. Copy the
mk.cfg file into your action directory, and add this line to your autoexec.cfg:

bind m "exec mk.cfg"

Once you do that, you will be able to play AHL in MK mode. Press M to enter and exit MK mode. You can zoom in and out with F and V. You move from side to side with A and D. W jumps, S ducks, Shift punches, and Ctrl does a spin-kick. R will turn you around, so you are facing the other direction. Of course, both participants need to use the script for it to work. You also must be facing each other when you start. If you get disaligned (from a kick or something), then get out of MK mode, face each other, and go back in. If you fight next to a wall, that will help some. I'm hoping a mapper will make a small map with invisible rails to keep the players aligned.

Since the MK script resets your controlls, you want to have the following lines in your autoexec.cfg:

bind r reload
bind shift +duck
bind crtl +stunt
bind a +moveleft
bind d +moveright
bind s +back
bind w +forward
bind f weapon
bind v radio

Feign Death #1 by Colm

Here's a script thats perhaps more fun then useful. It basically causes you to appear dead to an unobservant enemy, but most will see right through it. When you press K, it drops your weapon and item, and causes you to go prone with your fists out. As long as you don't move or look around, you should appear somewhat dead. This works well if you are bleeding, so they think you bled to death. However, don't be surprized when they shoot you anyway. To use it, copy the following lines into your autoexec.cfg:

//Feign Death #1
alias wait10 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias feign_death "dropweapon;dropitem;wait;weapon_fists;+duck;wait10;wait10;wait10;+stunt;wait10;-stunt;-duck"
bind k feign_death

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