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Furry Only Furry and Human


Kitten! The life of a cute pet cat with incredible owners.

Journey to the West

Journey to the West: Jack Crazyquilt moved back to the Southwestern desert to get some peace. But life is never that simple, even for a Zen coyote. After being joined by a paranoid fox, a philosophical alien, and a cynical Southern belle, Jack decides to leap headfirst into the chaos -- much to the chagrin of his drunken Zen master.

Academy Vale

Academy Vale is a well drawn strip about furries in school.

Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux: Often features a Wererat-Squrrel couple.


Wildfire is about a furry firefighting troupe.

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures

Dan and Mab is about characters on Furcadia.

Ernie and Friends

After a three year long hiatus, the Ernie comics are back!


Zorando is about a pig.


Felicia is an actual comic book that is about 30 pages long (or so) not bad, well drawn, about a fox sorceress.

11 Will Die

11 Will Die is about 12 furries from different worlds, all after the same goal. But only one will survive.

Reality Bites

Reality Bites is a strip about firries taking on the horrors of everyday life!


a strip about a furry hacker. well drawn.

Surf Rat and Spencer

a nice, funny strip about mice, rats and other furies.

Bob and Bella

Bob and Bella: 2 crazy, strage, funny bats.

Fifth Season

Fifth Season: About history. Updated randomly or archived, this page has been pretty dry. I still like it though. shows a lot of depth.


GREB: a half-failed cloning experiment leaves these furries out to forge on their own. Of course, they were humans originally...I don't see why they seem so upset with their new form...

Camera Angles

Camera Angles

Wonder 'Zoi

Wonder 'Zoi: a dog's life. Updated infrequently

Paranoid Joe

Paranoid Joe. Updated infrequently

Ape Force

Ape Force: Monkeys and battlemechs...fun!


Alonia: In a world of magic, war and sorcery, a world that no man has ever seen and that has seen no man, a world of creatures unexplained, resides a kingdom.

Bunny Worxxs

Bunny Worxxs: lots of cute, anime bunnies!

Dragon Platoon

Dragon Platoon

Fergo and Enrique

Fergo and Enrique: two friends in a strip




Ninjawa: A dog ninja

Spex and Wally

Spex and Wally


SNAKES! life is hard as a furry without arms.

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The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

If you know of any more, please let me know


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