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Q - Who's in charge here?
A - Colm 'the Canine Comedian' McSky runs this website in his Player's spare time. Currently, he does it alone. He, er, *I* am considering taking on help, so if you're interested, e-mail me. (colmmcsky@hotmail.com)

Q - What is 'Furry'?
A - A furry is an anthropomorph. In english that means an animal with human like characteristics. Also, it is also the label that generally denotes people who have interests in anthropomorphs.
Like this guy, Or these people
These are just 2 mainstream examples of furrydom.
-Answered by Chareos

Q - Why do you maintain this site?
A - It seems to be a fun thing to do.

Q - Can I have my jokes and stuff posted here?
A - Yes, if it has a Furry or Anthropomorphic theme.

Q - How often should I come back or check for updates?
A - Some people (Colm included) visit everyday for the convinent links to Online Furry Comics, many of which have daily strips. Also, you can subscribe to the mailing list to be notified of other new stuff. I can't say exactly how often that happens, because it's usually subitted by other people.

Q - How did this Archive start?
A - The first page was 'You Might Be A Furry If...' written by me.

Q - When did this Archive start?
A - The first 'Furry If' jokes were put online in July 1998. The site expanded to a general furry humor site in September 98. It became the 'Furry Humor Archive' on October 16, 1998.

Q - What is your policy on adult material?
A - I believe in free speech, so I have created a 'for mature audiences only' page. Of course, it still has to be anthro to be here.

Q - What breed is Colm?
A - Colm is an Irish Wolfhound/German Shephard Mix.

Q - Why doesn't he have the beard and mustache that is characteristic of Irish dogs?
A - He is part German Shephard.

Q - What is your real name.
A - I'm not telling and you can't make me. Just call me Colm.

Q - How do you pronounce 'Colm,' exactly?
A - However you want to. Chances are, I'll never actually hear you say it anyway.

Please, if you have any questions (any questions at all), e-mail them to colmmcsky@hotmail.com!


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