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You know you've been MUCKing too long when..........

By Big Bear (MUCKer with 2 1/2 years of experience under his belt)

  1. You run for mayor just for the ability to change the local currency
  2. Friends of yours don't die...they are "toaded"
  3. You search the telephone listings for a bar named "The Purple Nurple"
  4. you wonder why building an addition to your house/apartment/etc requires more than 100 pennies.
  5. You try to build an addition to your house/apartment/etc using simple @dig, @Desc here, and @open statements but to no avail.
  6. You stroll over to the west corner of your local park expecting to find a friend or two but instead find only lowly HEW-mans.
  7. You wish you could @create a zombie of yourself that would handle all the "mundane" things that you've gotta do (go to work, pay the bills, etc) while the real you partys hardy.
  8. You're fat and rather plain looking but would give your eyeteeth for the chance to @DESC yourself as lean and handsome (or beautiful) looking
  9. You meet someone in real life and insist that you get married on your favorite MUCK.
  10. You know more about your best friend's online

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