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Nalaholics Anonymous Learning to Adapt

12 step cleansing and rehabilitation program:

1. Admit you have a problem.

2. Stop taking commissions for your stick figure Nala 'art.'

3. Stop selling pre-drawn stick Nalas.

4. Stop drawing stick Nalas.

5. Take an art class that specializes in Felines.

6. Applogise to all of the Kiara fans that you have insulted.

7. Pay the medical bills of the Vitani fans you have insulted.

8. Unsend the flames that you sent to any and all Zera fans.

9. Appologise publicly for any and all flame wars you have started.

10. Learn how to discuss your opinion without insulting others.

11. Write a 2 page report on Boojum the Brown Bunny's FurryMUCK sayings and how they apply to step #10, discussing your favorite 3. The report must be single spaced, 8 pt. font, 5 paragraph format (be sure to have at least 5 sentences in each paragraph), and is due Monday morning at the beginning of class.

12. Realise that this is a problem that is ok to have, as long as you respect the perogative of others not to share your opinion.

-by Colm McSky (a Vitani-aholic, if you hadn't noticed)


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