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From: Raptavio
Subject: Re: You know it's going to be a bad con when...
Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 12:00 PM

In article <38e990db.16982805@netnews.worldnet.att.net>,
kevinpease@worldnet.att.net (Cerulean) wrote:
> Quoth Dragonoix:
> >When you see the names of Random, Stukafox, Ulrich, Raptavio and
Purrtha on
> >the registration list...
> ...and on the list of panelists.

That would be cool. I wonder what sort of panel we could have.

"Ways to Remind Idiot Furries that Being a Pervert Doesn't Constitute Having Independent Thought"

"Why Getting Scritches for Three Days Doesn't Constitute Having A Life"

"How To Avoid Getting Venereal Diseases This Year, Dumbass (special appearance by Jurann as The Carrier)"

"Taxidermy 101"

"What Constitutes GOOD Art, And Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Day Job"

"No, You DON'T Have a Spirit Animal"

"The Benefits of Showering Daily"

Man, I see potential here. What a great idea!

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