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Furry Only Furry and Human
(Reccomended By)

Updated Daily-

Ozy & Millie

Ozy and Millie is a great strip, reminescent of Calvin and Hobbes. (Colm, Roland)

Keven & Kell

Kevin and Kell is a nice strip about an inter-species family. (Colm, Roland)

Sherman's Lagoon

Sherman's lagoon is about sharks and other underwater things. (Roland)


Newshounds is about a TV news crew. (Roland)

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes. Need I say more? (Roland)

Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy Freelance features Bun-Bun, Kiki, and Ailee, a mini-lop, a Ferret, and a dragon, respectively. (Colm)


Dilbert is a quite famous strip that has many anthro characters: Dogbert, Catbert, and Ratbert to name a few. (Colm, Roland)

Funny Farm

Funny Farm is about a diverse cast of furry characters sharing a house. Hilarity ensues. (Colm)


Sinfest often features a cat and a dog that have an... unusual realationship. (Colm, Roland)

Clan of the Cats

Clan of the Cats: wiccan folks with their wonderfil cats. (Roland)

Updated Semi-Daily-

Bruno the Bandit

Bruno the Bandit features Fiona, the micro-dragon. (Roland)

The Class Menagerie

The Class Menagerie is a good strip about College Life. Updated Mon-Thur. (Colm, Roland)


Suburban Jungle is a great strip about Tiffany Tiger. Updated Mon, Wed, Fri (Colm, Roland)

Faux Pas

Faux Pas is about a couple of foxes. Updated Mon, Wed, Fri (Colm)

Nip an Tuck

Nip an Tuck is about a couple of Redneck foxes. Updated Tue, Thur, Sat. (Colm, Roland)

Under The Lemon Tree

Under the Lemon Tree: Gone Crazy, Back Later. Updated Mon, Wed, Fri. (Colm)


Freefall is a great Sci-Fi/Furry combination, Updated Mon, Wed, Fri. (Colm, Roland)

Updated Weekly-

Tails from the Mynarski Forest!

Tails from the Mynarski Forest! (formerly Skippy and Liska) is a good strip about a jackrabbit and a vixen. (Colm, Roland)

Lang Lang

Lang Lang is a nice comic srip about a cat from Hong Kong who is adopted by american parents, and finds out she's a triplet, and becomes head cheerleader, and beats the crap out of a criminal. (Roland)


NPC, AKA Tales of the Questor is by the author of Nip an Tuck and Under the Lemon Tree. (Colm)

Project Mirea

Project Mirea: it's a story on emotions in a medieval fantasy setting. (Roland)

Slylock Fox

Slylock Fox: You may have read him in the comics. (Roland)

The World of Vicki Fox

The World of Vicki Fox: Just your average vixen, trying to make a living. (Roland)

21st Century Fox

21st Centry Fox is about a fox in the 21st century. (Roland)

Updated Montly-


Spellshocked is about a fox who is going through a wizards school, and the 1/4 dragon who has just arrived to take lessons. The problem is, the fox has...issues... (Colm, Roland)

The Adventures of Fifine!

The Adventures of Fifine!: a young vixen and her incredible adventures! now in english! (Roland)

Updated Periodically-

West Corner of the Park

West Corner of the Park is about FurryMUCK. (Colm, Roland)

Dela the Hooda

Dela the Hooda is a strip about a Vixen, aka 'Hooda'. (Colm, Roland)

Doemain of our Own

A Doemain of our own is about a deer couple. (Colm)


Limpidity is a reasonably good strip, updated randomly. (Colm)

Dakota's Ridge

Dakota's Ridge is a strip about a wolfpack and a cougar. It's style is very similar to Disney's The Lion King. (Colm)


Starground: Truly interesting sci-fi furryness. (Roland)



NeverNever: it features Mopsy, a magic anthro rabbit. It was done by the Author of Suburban Jungle.(Colm)

Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path is a nice strip about a girl and a wolf. (Colm, Roland)

The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower was done for a school newspaper for one school year. Too bad the author graduated, it was pretty good. (Colm)

Get Familiar

Get Familiar is a series of VERY old strips about a furry fantasy comic, sort of like Redwall. The series ended in 1994. (Roland)


Thaddeus is coming back to life...I think. The present strip was drawn a long time ago but the site content is only about a year old. Either way it's a nice strip about foxies! (Roland)

Life at the O

Life at the O: Furries living normal lives (Roland)

Jump to Dailies!

The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

If you know of any more, please let me know


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