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Furry Only Furry and Human

Gene Catlow

Gene Catlow is about a Black Cat and a White Rabbit who has Telepathy. Don't let the drawing style fool you, the storyline is actually quite deep. Unfortunatly, it lacks funniness, so I took it off the reccomended list.


Brainfries: what's it like being a Smilodon Fatalis with only a boob tube in front of you?

Fight, Cast or Evade

Fight, Cast or Evade: furry fantasy with guns a kilts and stuff!

In a Perfect World

In a Perfect World: Life with dragons and furries can be amusing, heartwarming, and/or depressing

Smith Stone

Smith Stone: Furry sci-fi violeve in 3d rendered format! Updated Tue, Fri

One Clown Short

One Clown Short

Sully and Minkle

Sully and Minkle: Hilarity. Vacuum packed, and ready to serve. Updated Tue, Thur, Sat.

Barely Human

Barely Human: What if a group of bears lived like humans with humans?

Captain Mike

Captain Mike: sci-fi!

Anxiety Cafe

Anxiety Cafe: Guaranteed to be more fun than having your stomach pumped!

Dokie the Dog

Dokie the Dog: life as a pet dog...lots of animal jokes!

Ezailia, the Online Comic

Ezailia, the Online Comic

Fur will Fly

Fur will Fly: sitcom styled madness with cute artwork!


Hackles: furry Office Space.


L.O.L.M. - Land of the Lost Mythology

Leon and Kay

Leon and Kay: Meet Leon, Your typical teenage furry just trying to make the grade in High school. Meet Kay, Leon's not-so-typical sister. Meet Kuno, Leon & Kay's even less typical friend. Then there's Aki, the Japanese foreign exchange student. Throw in a lovesick bobcat, school food with a mind of it's own, a screwy teacher with a dimensional portal, and a ton of various oddballs, you have some idea what life is like for Leon & Kay.

Lost and Found investigations

Lost and Found investigations: if its lost, we'll find

Repeat as Necessary

Repeat as Necessary. Violence...

Toothe and Claw

Toothe and Claw: melonchaly, but well drawn and interesting

Unnatural, But True

Unnatural, But True: its about art and dragons and stuff.



Yunga Neko

Yunga Neko: isn't it a dissapointing life?

Breakpoint City

Breakpoint City: the comic of tomorrow, today!

Disgustingly Cute Comix

Disgustingly Cute Comix: EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE A FURBY!!!

Stalag 99

In the 22nd century, humans made contact. However, it was the reverse -- the WolfSkunks traveled to Earth, now named Sol 3, and made contact to find out about one nagging question: Why were the WolfSkunks picking up "I Love Lucy" on their deep scanning radio telescopes?!?

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The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

If you know of any more, please let me know


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