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Furry Only Furry and Human

Polymer City Chronicles

Polymer City Chronicles: Girls, games, and mad scientists.


Lacunae: Goth furry at its best!

Modern Problems

Modern Problems: phenomenally well drawn and funny, its about the furs of the future.

Peter and Company

Peter and Company: Furries living the fun life. Quite humerous.

Wild Life

Wild Life is about a Muskrat, a Weasel, and a Badger.

It's a Jungle Out There

It's a Jungle Out There is a collection of single-panel strips.

Crazy as a Fox

Crazy as a Fox is about a few victorian foxes around the turn of the century.

Tikaboo Peak

"Welcome to Tikaboo Peak, home of the Tikaboo Peak University Fighting Titans, plus a hotbed of UFO activity."

Aford Turtle

Aford Turtle: a snake, a bird, and a turtle.

No Outlet

No Outlet: "This strip is the result of a lifetime of slacking. It finally began when I came to the conclusion that any goon could do a comic if he wanted to."


Roomies: Chaos, Computers, and 2x4 Lumber.

The Mr. Chuck Show

The Mr. Chuck Show: Funny, silly, stupid, a good joke.

Master Zen-Dao Meow

Master Zen-Dao Meow: great strip, well drawn, about cats in the US.

Cigarro and Cerveja

Cigarro and Cerveja

Absolute Tripe

Absolute Tripe: a well drawn strip.

Way Out West

Way Out West is all about desert creatures...a vulture as a lawyer, that sort of thing...not bad really.

Jeff Turtle

Jeff Turtle: A turtle tries to see hoe many OTHER things he can do as a turtle. Helmets, discus, things like that.

Affe Ape

Affe Ape: An ape going through the horrors of modern life.

Alice Otter

Alice Otter: The cutest ottergirl in comics!


Mousekaroos! what happens when you cross mice and Kangaroos? read to find out!


Never-Were: Werewolves, in cute and Kawaii.

Random Access

Random Access: I have NO idea what it is, but its cute :)

Stalag '99

Stalag '99: sci-fi, insteresting characters and plots

Better Mousetrap

Better Mousetrap: mice living exciting and furry lives.

Huskie Tails

Huskie Tails: a story about a cute little huskie.

Just Another Crowd

Just Another Crowd: interesting, but poorly drawn and it uses rather old jokes.

K. Rat

K. Rat: Life as a rat...stinks

Knight Shift

Knight Shift: Fantasy and reality. at least its still funny!

Lupo Alberto

Lupo Alberto: a coyote who steals...everything!


Misty: a cat must deal with the trials of being a modern day fur

Oscar Quill and Coyle

Oscar Quill and Coyle: life as a porcupine cartoonist can be almost as amusing as your art.

Room For One More

Room For One More: three furries, one house. I think that the title is a misnomer.

The Stairwell

The Stairwell: hell is an eternity trapped with your friends.

Umlaut House

Umlaut House: college life as a furry. Depressing, isn;t it?

Valden and Company

Valden and Company: furry tech support can be HELL

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The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

If you know of any more, please let me know


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