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These are meant for Mature audiences only. If you have never seen an R-rated move, please click here.

this page has comics that are rated for adults only. They range from mild sexual innuendo or violence to flat out no-holds-barred sex and nudity or gut wrenching gore in every panel.

scroll down to see them...













Furry Only Furry and Human
(Reccomended By)

Updated Daily-

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is about an alcoholic, chain smoking rabbit. It's pretty funny. (Colm)

Not gonna take it!

Not gonna take it! Fun to read, adult, and interesting as well! good plots and art. (Roland)

Updated Semi-Daily-


SSDD: A rabbit, a hare, a fox and his girlfriend surviving in the UK and observing america from a distance...Also smoking pot, boozing and fucking. (mon, fri) (Roland)

House of LSD

House of LSD: This HIGHLY ADULT strip about three female cats (named Luna, Skye and Devi) is rather amusing, and Roland co writes it, so expect a LOT of sex.. (tue, fri) (Roland)

Kit n Kay Boodle

Kit and Kay Boodle is about two unbearably yiffy foxies...who wants sloppy seconds? Lots of M/F action there. (Colm, Roland)

Dust Bunnies

Dust Bunnies, your standard sex-filled comic about bunny porn stars. (Colm)

Latex Blue

Latex Blue: What would it be like if you were a blow of sex toy? or a yiffy living plush? (Colm)

Lost in the Glen

Lost in the Glen: funny adult situations with nice art.

Perki Goth Candi Raver

Perki Goth Candi Raver: Funny! great, somewhat adult, but presently on hiatus. (Roland)

Psychic dyslexia institute

Psychic dyslexia institute: somewhat adult in theme and language, but its all fun here.


JACK: Its sad, its depressing, but its true. you MUST read this comic. It touched me in a bizarre way that no other comic has yet. (mon, wed, fri) (Roland)

Rae of Darkness

Rae of Darkness: Sex, Violence, scanty clothes...I like it! (Roland)

Updated Weekly-

Misty the Mouse

Misty the Mouse: a fun, adult comic about a busty mouse. (Colm)

Pink's Adventure

Pink's Adventure: Its about a cute warrior amazon cat called Pink, her husband Lore, and their various friends. It also has lots of danger, death and other nasties that are essential parts of a good fantasy story. (Roland)

Final Draft

Final Draft: Politics, war, and murder. What more could you want in a family strip? (Roland)

Kung Fu Kitties

Kung Fu Kitties: Karate cats!

Snow-Covered Fur

Snow-Covered Fur: what would a REAL existance as a furry be like? painful? cruel? possibly. But whatever, it would be REAL. (Roland)

Fusion D

Fusion D: don't stand in her way!!! (Roland)

Updated Monthly-

Sabrina Online

Sabrina Online is a wonderfully drawn and very funny strip. (Colm)
(Sabrina Mirror)
(Sabrina At Algonquin - archived)

Updated Periodically-


Supermegatopia has alot of nudity.

Liesure Town

Liesure Town has a very unusual style: photographs of models!

Ronnie Raccon

Ronnie Raccon: The sexual and hilarious adventures of ronnie raccoon. (Roland, Colm)


Coyotevillie: sex jokes with cute characters! a winning combo! (Roland)

Pimp Cow

Pimp Cow: whaty would life be like if you were a furry pimp? how about a COW furry pimp? (Roland)

The Sinner Dragon

The Sinner Dragon: violent, sexual...NC-17, but well plotted and incredible. (Roland)

Forgotton Memories

Forgotton Memories: Probably the best drawn an written furry fantast webcomic out there. It even compares with Tall Tails! category: furry only, monthly. Deserves a warning at least for adult material. (Roland)

Bunny Extreme

Bunny Extreme: As violent as it GETS.



Buster Wilde is a Weerwolf. Its a great comic, as long as you're not a homophobe. It's one of the best examples of anthro behavior in addition to anthro appearance. (Colm)


Xenith: Fantasy at its darkest. (Roland)

Living in Greytown

Living in Greytown: demons, sex, hardcore porn...what more do you want from us??? (Roland)

The Belfry has an enourmous list of furry comics, but without logos and descriptions.

If you know of any more, please let me know


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