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Sunday, September 22, 2002

Man have I been busy. I'm back at school, running my own Action Half Life server and programming a 3d game on the side. I finally found time to do this this BIG update.

First up, since I can't garuntee regular updates anymore, and since I'm running low on candidates, I'm suspending the 'Comic of the Month' feature. West Corner of the Park will remain the Comic of the Month for a while. In other comics news, Roland has changed many of his reccomendations, so some comic links have been moved.

Also, a new comic has been added:

Stalag 99

In the 22nd century, humans made contact. However, it was the reverse -- the WolfSkunks traveled to Earth, now named Sol 3, and made contact to find out about one nagging question: Why were the WolfSkunks picking up "I Love Lucy" on their deep scanning radio telescopes?!?

On the reptillian front, Baranth has added some more stuff on the scaly jokes page.

Finally, some Furry if jokes have been submitted by John Smith and Lupis Lupine. They can be found here and here.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

I didn't do a June update because I started my summer job and started playing Morrowind. For those of you who don't know, Morrowind is an open-ended massive Roleplaying game. It has a furry race - Khajit, and a scaly race - argonian. I finally beat the game with my lvl 33 Argonian mage. My favorite NPC in the game is a Khajit woman named Ajira. You can find her in the basement of the Balmora Mages guild. When I became a high level mage, I used Aryon's Dominator to bring her to my mansion, Nereno Manor, which I liberated from it's former owner to store my massive stocks of fat lute. Anyway, I could go on about my character forever, but I'm sure you guys want some of that good ole fashion furry humor. So here you go:

First of all, West Corner of the Park is back, and it is this month's Comic of the Month. You can also find it on the reccomended comics page.

In other comic news, Project Mirea has moved to http://www.pawspace.com/percival/

Next up, Baranth has submitted a few things... So many, in fact, that I've changed the 'you might be a scaly if' page to a general 'scaly jokes' page. All of his stuff can be found at Scaly Jokes.

Saturday, May 4, 2002

It turns out Gene Catlow didn't vanish, but simply moved to a new location: http://www.genecatlow.com/ Also, Roland has added his reccomendation to House of LSD, Pink's Adventures, and Bruno the Bandit. Finally, Fifine has a new location also: http://fifine.purrsia.com/COMICS.html

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Sorry, I wasn't able to do the update for April, I had a lot of exams. But my lack of update was not in vain, I made two 100's and a 99! woo hoo! To make it up to all of you readers, I'm doing an unprecedented mid-week update on the absolute first of the month of May! There's a lot of new stuff today, and some of it has been sitting in my inbox for almost two months. First, comics:

These comics have been changed to 'Inactive':
Living In Greytown (!ADULT!)

These have been changed to 'Periodic':
Pimp Cow(!ADULT!)

These comcis have vanished and have been removed from the listing:
Gene Catlow
West Corner of the Park

I've added my reccomendation to these comics:
Dust Bunnies(!ADULT!)
Latex Blue(!ADULT!)
Ronnie Raccoon(!ADULT!)

These comics have been added:
House of LSD(!ADULT!)
Pink's Adventure(!ADULT!)

Also this month, Dan Peters, aka Talon, has submitted three things:
You Might be a Furry If...
You Might be a Scaly If...
Top Ten Good\Bad Things About Being Born a Furry

Finally, this month's Comic of the Month is:


Spellshocked is about a fox who is going through a wizards school, and the 1/4 dragin who has just arrived to take lessons. The problem is, the fox has...issues... (Colm, Roland)

Sunday, March 3, 2002

The biggest submission this month is from Allan Christopher Ecker, author of Umlaut House. He has created a crossover between The Secret of Nimh and Pinky and the Brain. You can read it here.

Also, we had a 'You might be a furry if...' submission:
You watch stuff like Samuri Pizza Cats,Digimon,Thundercats,The Houndcats & Pokemon when your sick off school. (unitedkronos)

Furthermore, Branth Stormwind has come up with some more Scaly If jokes, which you can read here (the second block is new this month).

Finally, the Comic of the Month is:


Suburban Jungle is a great strip about Tiffany Tiger. Updated Mon, Wed, Fri (Colm)

Sunday, February, 2002

There are two new things this month: first is a new Comic of the Month:


NPC, AKA Tales of the Questor is by the author of Nip an Tuck and Under the Lemon Tree. (Colm)

The second is a new page of jokes by Baranth Stormwind, You Might Be a Scaly If...

Apparently, he was annoyed by letting the furries have all the fun, and decided to get the ball rolling by sending in a few. I encourage all of you furless's out there to come up with your own and send them in!

Also, a minor change, I fixed the description of the Project Mirea comic (on the reccomended page), at the author's request.

Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Happy New Year! To celebrate the New Year, Roland and I have put in lots of extra hours to bring you a revamped and vastly increased comic section. You can thank Roland for all the new descriptions and logo images that accompany the new comics. The new layout is as follows: First, the 'Reccomended' page lists all the comics that Roland and I reccomend. There are so many, they get their own page. Next you can find pages for comics which are updated Daily, Semi-Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Periodically, and those that are Inactive. There is also a page for Adult comics. Each comic has either a blue or white background, indicating wether there are humans in the strip. (blue for yes, white for furries only). Also, you can see in bold parentheses who reccomends each comic.

But that's not all! The 'You know it's a bad con' page has been updated with material by Bar-1. You can find his stuff here.

Furthermore, a new joke has been submitted by Jonathan Maher:
You might be a furry if you wipe your ass by spraying it with a hose.

Last but not least, I have added a new Comic of the Month, Misty the Mouse. (having a comic of the week proved to be impractical)

Saturday, November 24, 2001

There haven't been any updates for the past month because November is apparently MIDTERM MONTH (dun-dun-duuun!) around here. During this month, many new submissions have accumulated, so without further excuses explanation, here they are!

You know you're a Furry Artist in College... - by BAR-1

  • all your still lifes involve plush animals.
  • the most frequent answer to any other student's question is: "It's *not* beastiality!!"
  • all your nude models end up with tails (and other new body parts, where applicable) out of habit.
  • you do more sketching in Math/Bio/History lecture than in 2D Design /Studio Drawing /Life Drawing--
  • --and your classmates are actually arriving early so they can sit behind/above you--
  • --while others insist that you've got to pass your sketchbook to the back row.
  • you find that girls don't like your yiffy stuff--
  • --unless it's really, *really*, REALLY freaky yiffy stuff--
  • --involving guys.
  • you ConFurted a Campus Christian Choir member.
  • students point at you--
  • --during family weekend--
  • --and their mothers burst into tears at the realization of what *you've* done to their child.
  • noone uses drugs on your floor anymore, mainly because the last thing any stoner wants is to encounter a fursuiter while tripping.
  • a class model is wondering what kind of animal is s/he, since you're using his/her poses in yer sketchbook anyways.
  • the PETA types don't understand that they're actually holding up signs that say "People for the Erotic Treatment of Anthropomorphs."

(note: ConFurt-(v)to con-vert a seemingly 'mundane' person into furry fandom. ConFurted, ConFursion.)

You might be a Furry if... - by Lord Fox Wolfden

  • you can't own a waterbed/air matress because you're worried about your claws tearing it up.
  • you can't sleep on your back because your tail bothers you.
  • you watch pokemon and wonder why only certain ones actually talk.
  • you own the entire series of "land before time" movies.
  • You hate automatic doors because you keep getting your tail caught in them :(
  • you have a furry "the sims" character model.
  • You hate it when an animal rights group pours red paint on you... while exclaiming "fur is murder"...
  • you wish that one song's line went "i want to Yiff you like an animal".
  • you have a list of furs you would like to yiff.
  • your neighbors refuse to leave you alone in a room with their pet...
  • You fantasize about starring in a furry movie.
  • you were upset when they ran "cats" for the last time on broadway....
  • you own the video version of the above.
  • you no longer own any knives because you are so good with your claws.
  • you hate your car because your ears rub on the roof... and you can't find the perfect spot for your tail.
  • you own a full set of custom made teeth...
  • YOU are akc registered.
  • You own a vehicle named after an animal.
  • you call your house a den.
  • You think behaving like a human in public is wrong.
  • you haven't been seen out of your fursuit since you bought it.
  • you take pictures of any building with an anthro character on their sign. {i.e. wolfie's subs.}... you've emailed these pictures to people... who actually liked them!!

You might be a Furry if... - by Jason

  • You wish there was a remake of the original Heavy Metal movie, starring furry characters (I'd be the first person to buy it).
  • You watch the scene where the human gets bullet-holed by an enemy fighter in the original, and don't flinch, but you turn your head during the same scene when it's a furry who gets killed.
  • You've started on the storyboard sketches for the Furry Heavy Metal movie...
  • You get depressed whenever you look at a mirror.
  • You have a friend who asks you refer to him as "Ferret".
  • You hear the song "Chew" by Jello Biafra, and kinda wish the events mentioned in the lyrics would really happen. Well, you'll just have to listen to it, then.
  • You bring along your 9-year old sister to the video rental place, just to have an excuse to get "All Dogs Go To Heaven".

By: Justin
You know it's going to be a bad con when...
-You ask for the key to your room, and they hand you an expired phone card.
-The eyes on the bad painting on the wall are following your every move.
-You wake up to the sound of some idiot in a Chevelle doing donuts in the parking lot.
-There's blood in the tile grout in the bathroom. If it's in the Chealse hotel in NYC, take a photo.
-There's a bum sleeping in the other bed when you wake up. And he wasn't there before.
-You find a dead, bloated, mealworm-covered rat between the mattresses.
-The con is just a room full of old, fat, rich white conservative guys passing more laws to further corrode the remaining shreds of our freedom.
-Or, you arrive, and there's a bunch of guys with spiked hair and leather jackets destroying the entire building. Better this than the last one, I say.

Thanks guys! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Here's another of the increasingly rare updates. This time, I've got two new additions. First, some Lion King humor: Villian Application

Second, a new comic has been added (as suggested by Joe McCauley):


Wildfire is about a furry firefighting troupe.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

After what, three weeks? of forgetting to update, I finally cought up on my homework and updated! I bring you a new Comic of the Week, Bruno the Bandit, and also I added a few comics to the Comics listings. Also, A new 'Furry If' joke was submitted by Foxykid69: You Might Be a Furry If You pick colleges not by academical standards but by what their mascot it. (me im goin to Foxworthy's College in Arkansas, Harvard has nothing on me)

Monday, August 27, 2001

In addition to the usual Comic of the Week, Michael "Big Bear" Setzer submitted a few "You know you're a fursuiter when" jokes via the egroup. They can be found on the You Might Be a Furry If page.

Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy Freelance features Bun-Bun, Kiki, and Ailee, a mini-lop, a Ferret, and a dragon, respectively.
Colm McSky highly reccomends this strip.

Saturday, August 18, 2001

In addition to the usual Comic of the Week, Bar-1 submitted a few new jokes via the egroup. They can be found on the You Might Be a Furry If page.

The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower was done for a school newspaper for one school year. Too bad the author graduated, it was pretty good.
Colm McSky reccomends this strip.

Sunday, July 29, 2001

This weekend is all about Funny Farm. I read through the archives, and I love this strip. It has been promoted to a reccomended strip, and it is this week's CotW.

Funny Farm

Funny Farm is about a diverse cast of furry characters sharing a house. Hilarity ensues. Colm McSky reccomends this strip

by the way, since the last CotW ahd two strips in paralell, I let it be the CotW for two weeks.

Sunday, July 15, 2001

This weekend brings a new Comic of the Week, as usual. Two actually.

Sunday, July 8, 2001

This weekend brings a new Comic of the Week, as usual:

Faux Pas

Faux Pas is about a couple of foxes. Tue, Fri

Also, added two comics: Paranoid Joe (mixed) and Leon and Kay (Furry).

Sunday, July 1, 2001

I have added a search box under the index. Enjoy.

Comic news:
-Updated Sherman's Lagoon.
-added links to the belfry.
-Updated Liesure Town.
-added Praeda to Furrys page.
-added SGP to Furrys.

New Comic of the Week: The Class Menagerie

The Class Menagerie

The Class Menagerie is a good strip about College Life.
Colm McSky highly recommends this strip.

Sunday, June 24, 2001

This weekend brings a new Comic of the Week, as usual:

West Corner of the Park

West Corner is a strip about FurryMUCK.
Colm McSky highly recommends this strip.

Other Comics Updates:
Added day information to Furry semi-daily comics
moved Fuzzy things to Daily section
removed FurDaze (it died)

Also, I've removed the Listbot list, because the service is shutting down. If you wish to recieve notification of FHA Updates, please join the Egroup.

Sunday, June 17, 2001

A rather interesting update has come this week. The big news is that Furnation is back! Head on over to http://www.FurNation.com/humor for ad free Furry Humor!.

Also, some comic stuff:
-Fixed Foxtrot URL.
-new Comic of the Week

Dakota's Ridge

Dakota's Ridge is a strip about a wolfpack and a cougar. It's style is very similar to Disney's The Lion King. Colm McSky reccomends this strip.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

It's another breif weekly update this week, as the only new bit is the new Comic of the Week, Freefall:


Freefall is a great Sci-Fi/Furry combination, updated Mon, Wed, Fri.
Colm McSky highly reccomends this strip.

Sunday, June 3, 2001

It's a breif weekly update this week, as the only new bit is the new Comic of the Week, Sabrina Online:

Sabrina Online

Sabrina is a wonderfully drawn and very funny strip.
Colm McSky highly recommends this strip.

(Sabrina Mirror)
(Sabrina At Algonquin - archived)

Saturday, May 26, 2001

And now for the weekly update:

New songs: I'm too yiffy, Anthromorph Psycho

New Comic Of The Week: Kevin and Kell

New Comics:

Nip an Tuck

Nip an Tuck is about a couple of Redneck foxes.

Under The Lemon Tree

Under the Lemon Tree: Gone Crazy, Back Later.

Saturday, May 20, 2001

I've gotten a summer internship position, so updates from now until august will all happen on the weekend. This weekend, I've got lots of brand new stuff for ya:

-21st Centry Fox has moved.
-Gene Catlow moved to Mixed page
-Doemain Of Our Own, Academy Vale, and Joury To The West moved to the Periodically section of the Furry Only page.

Roland Bloodthunder has created yet another pile of jokes, this time in the form of Signs you were destined to be furry as a child. You can find them on the 'Furry If' page under His Section. Just scroll down a bit to find them.

Roland also found a new story, which can be found here on the stories page.

Perhaps the biggest news today is the addition of a new page. The Comic Of the Week will feature a different comic strip every week. Hopefully, this will introduce you to new comics that you weren't familiar with. I know sorting through such a large list as the FHA's comics pages can be overwhelming. Furthermore, this should assure that there's at least one update per week.

Saturday, May 5, 2001

I have added Dilbert to the mixed comics page. I have also changed LangLang to a weekly on the Furry comics page. I have also added a link to a mirror site for Sabrina, since the main site isn't very reliable.

Saturday, April 28, 2001

I've added a new comic strip to the Furry Comics page, Faux Pas. It's a semi-daily about a couple of foxes. I also gave Dakota's Ridge my reccomendation on the same page.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

I've added a new comic strip to the Furry Comics page, SpellShocked.

Sunday, April 12, 2001

Happy Rabbit Day! To celebrate this fine day, I have created an online store where you can buy FHA related merchandise. Just click on the 'merchandise' picture under the index to the left.

Satruday, April 11, 2001

Well, once again, I have found my self unable to upload to Furnation. As a result, I have decided to set up some mirrors so that I can keep the page active. Meanwhile, the updates have just piled up. Here they are, in no particular order:

Comic Strips:
-Fixed 'Bad Bunny,' now a daily strip, pretty funny, and rather adult. (PG-13)
-added sinfest and foxtrot on the 'Mixed' page.
-removed the old 'comics.htm' page
-fixed Lang Lang
-added"Kit and Kay Boodle" to the adults only page
-Fixed Buster Wilde

Furry If jokes:
You Might be a Furry If... by Colm McSky
you go thru shampoo like a 747 goes thru fuel (or motor oil)
you buy adobe photoshop pro just to color one furry pic.
you watch pet food commertial like most guvs watch womens shampoo commertials
you have a band of untanned skin around your neck

You Might be a Furry If... by Kodiak.
-You go fishing without a fishing pole.
-You actually catch fish in such a manner.
-You find it very hard to stay awake during the winter months.
-One of your bumper stickers says 'Support the right to arm bears'. (I actually have this sticker!)
-You work out with weights simply to bulk out and look more bear-like.
-You want to move to Kodiak, Alaska someday.
-You live in Kodiak, Alaska, and believe it to be the greatest place on Earth.
-You actually like the taste of insect grubs.
-You prefer the stock market to be bearish, not bullish.
-You use Rogaine. On body surfaces other than your head.
-The Rogaine actually proves very effective in this manner.
-Whenever you give a hug, you accidentally break the person's ribs.
-You grow your fingernails long, sharpen them, and paint them black.
-You use artificial nails (no matter your gender), sharpen them, and paint them black.
-You can actually use one of these types of nails as effective weapons.
-When upset, you growl instead of swear.

You know you're a FurVERT when... by -BAR-1
...You're appearing on the *cover* of Vanity Faire for their follow-up article!
...Katherine Gates is devoting an entire book to your fetishes alone!
...The stuffed animals section of the local Toys 'R' Us has a large poster of your face... with a giant red slash sign through it.
...Your commission sketchbook has made artists flinch.
...You've proposed to a Minerva Mink fursuiter.
...You've proposed to a Minerva Mink furSUIT!
...Max BlackRabbit had to take out a restraining order against you.
...You didn't even realize that Omaha was a city.
...You take all those 'beaver' jokes LITERALLY!
...You sandwich a tape of "Tiny Toon Adventures" inbetween two PORNOS at the video rental shop.
...You wrote a $500 best-selling web-creating & animating program...
......but noone can ever figure out what the "YiffyTemplates" file folder means...
......until it's TOO LATE.

Two new top ten lists:
-Top ten rejected titles for The Secret of Nimh II
-Top ten good things about The Secret of Nimh II

Monday, March 26, 2001
Well, I came back from Cristmas vacation to find Furnation unwilling to accept uploads, and I have only just now been able to upload. Thus, I bring a great big ole' update.

The Online Comics page has been revamped. Now residing on two seperate pages, Each and Every strip has a picture and description. Also, reccomendations have been added to promote the best strips. Head on over to them and check them out. Thanks to Roland for all his work in getting those descriptions and pics. I'd also like to mention that new strips have been added to the 'Sabrina At Algonquin' series.

In other news, I have decided that any and all single funny files (pics, wavs, etc) shall be placed in the Egroup for easier management. So far there have already been a few pics put up.

Also, we have a new assistant here at the FHA. Lets all say hi to Ancturner. Welcome aboard. Oh, also I changed the fomat of the 'Furry If' page slightly. No new jokes, I just added bullets. Furthermore I changed the 'R Rated' page to the 'Adults Only' page. And last but not least, the FHA had its 10,000th hit recently, and here's a pic to prove it: Thanks to Roland for the image.

Also, two new messages has been added to the 'Egroup Highlights' page, about valentines candies for furrs and a panda. Funny stuff.

Also, I have added a new page under the dog jokes section. It is 'Dog Letters To God'. Also funny stuff.

And, of course, many furry if jokes have been added:
you spend hours on end trying to fix the characters of "The Sims" to look like anthros. (Jack, Cat)
You desperately want to invite Fifi La Fume over for a 10 day sleepover....(heh heh heh) (Kudos!)
and these, by Bingo Dingo.

Friday, December 15, 2000
I gave the wrong email for Roland Bloodthunder yesterday, his new address is LC841203@bellsouth.net. Sorry 'bout that.

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