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Subject: Re: Secret Of NIMH 3 - This Is *NOT* A Joke
Date: 10/09/2000
Author: Herb Montes

"Secret of NIMH 4" - Mrs. Brisby finally gets fed up with nosey Auntie Shrew and throws her into the threshing machine

"Secret of NIMH 5" - Jeremy the crow finally gets married but his new bride is eaten by Dragon the cat so he spends the rest of the movie in despondency drinking himself blind from farmer Fitzgibbon's secret stash of moonshine

"Secret of NIMH 6" - The ghosts of Johnathon, Nicodemus and Jenner return to haunt the farm, also called "The Blair Mouse Project", it becomes the first animated feature to be shot with a hand-held camera

Subject: Re: Secret Of NIMH 3 - This Is *NOT* A Joke
Date: 10/10/2000
Author: Richard Drushel

"Secret of NIMH 7: The Secret of Rodent Rock" -- Uses the same script as "The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock", just changes the characters from dinosaurs to rats and mice. Hey, if you plagiarize yourself, it's not plagiarism ;-)

"Secret of NIMH 8" -- The gang from NIMH gets a surprise visit from Pinky and the Brain. Brain organizes the rats to take over the world, but Jenner is naturally jealous, and challenges Brain to a battle-of-wits-to-the-death. Things go badly for Brain, but at the crucial moment, Pinky inadvertently utters something so inane that Jenner is reduced to a quivering blob of Jell-O. Needless to say, Brain does *not* take over the world; and the rats elect Pinky as their new leader.

"Secret of NIMH 9" -- The original "Secret of NIMH" is redone in CGI, in 3-D. When Nicodemus holds up the amulet for Mrs. Brisby, the film takes a 10- minute detour into pretty ice crystal animation reused from "Titan: A.E." Justin and Jenner fight with light sabres.

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