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Subject: Dumb Fur Jokes
From: usagioni@aol.com (UsagiOni)
Date: Thu, Oct 8, 1998 23:04 EDT

Y'know, alot of people on this group like to call someone else stupid, I know I
do, but even the one's I've insulted, they're not THAT bad...

I once knew a fur so dumb, his doctor told him he had ring-worms and he asked
"Oh, is that Chester's cousin?"

I once knew a fur so dumb, everytime he had TS, he'd stick a Clearblue Easy
into his keyboard slot.

I once knew a fur so dumb, he thought double-barreled was Omaha with her top

I once knew a fur so dumb, I asked if she was a feminist and she said "No, but
if you tell me the flag, I'll put it up."

by Gabriel
The "Shecky" Young Rabbit



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