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Funny Stuff that doesn't fit on any other page:

If you feed a dog, they will look at you and think, "YOU are MY God!" If you feed a cat, they will look at you and think, "I am a GOD."
-By Devi the little grumpy cat lover, via Miavir the Cat, sent in by Roland Bloodthunder. (compex, eh? -CM)

What do you get when you add vanadium(V) + iodine(I) + tantalum(Ta) + nickel(Ni)? VITaNi!
What do you get when you add scandium(Sc) + argon(Ar)? ScAr!
-Colm McSky

What they said / what they meant

Scar: "good" / "If I thought you hyenas were worth it, I'd kill you now, but I don't."

Kiara: "You will never be Mufasa!" / "You will never sound half as respectable as Mufasa!"

Mrs. Brisby: "I will treasure it, always" / "...or at least until I give it away to Justin tommorrow."

You might be a furry if you've ever had a conversation like this, sumbitted by
Roland Bloodthunder.
Caleb: The Fox Woman huh? That sounds like a good book. Well, I know about the REAL fox woman. Roland: (more interested) Really?
Caleb: Yeah. She was a mythical fox in Japan that turned into women and then tricked men into murdering their spouses so that she could marry them.
Roland: (less interested) oh.
Caleb: Sort of a japanese werewolf.
Roland: You act like that's such a bad thing.
Caleb: Well of course, you know, your wife gets killed!
Roland: yeah, but you get to sleep with HER every night for the rest of your life! (points at cover)
Caleb: Um, she's not human...
Roland: So? Then you don't have to worry about her getting pregnant.
Caleb: But your wife-
Roland: She seems more gifted than any human female I've seen.
Caleb: (Nods and backs away slowly)
Roland: Hmmm, maybe I need to work a bit harder at hiding my furrydom. She's still yiffy in my opinion though...

Overheard by Roland Bloodthunder:
"Oh daisy, you know I'm not like that. You know I was just experimenting." (Note: daisy is a dog. I heard my neighbor say that...)

Scotty Arsenault has made a short Flash movie about two ferrets. It can be found here : http://www.heebas.com/cartoons/ferretintro.html


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