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You might be a scaly if... by -Baranth Stormwind

  • You think people saying "bite me" is a open invitation for lunch.
  • Dragonheart is your favorite movie. (for dragons)
  • You own all 8 Land Before Time movies. (for dinos)
  • The word "dragonslayer" makes you cringe.
  • You know that dragons really exist... because you ARE one! (Yep. I'm a dragon.)
  • You're sick and tired of not seeing anthro dragon pics on Yerf. (for male dragons; on last count there are only 12 pics under the heading "dragoness")
  • You've ever bit someone's head off... literally.
  • A snackbar consists of: Deer, horses, cows, sheep, goats, wolves and hoomans
  • You think that Arnold Schwarzenegger is too stringy
  • You liked to picture Roseanne when she was fat... as lunch.
  • You like only one type of TF (transformation) art... the type in which a dragon is involved.
  • You're pissed off at the extremely low number of yiffy dragon stories out there.
  • It's partly your fault for Fanfiction.net having a "Dragonheart" section.
  • You listed Dragonheart as your favorite sci-fi movie... even though it's not sci-fi. (I actually did that. I also listed all 3 movies in The NeverEnding Story series... Talk about guilty pleasures...)
  • You watched Power Rangers...for the Dinozords. (To me, it was so good, I actually watched it until Turbo ended... Another guilty pleasure... [Hey! I was 10 when it started in '93!])
  • You've complained about the lack of scaly pics on Vixen Controlled Library.
  • You eat hoomans, but not other furs. (Reason I'm misspelling human: That's the way most dragons spell human.)
  • You're above the age of 10 and you like Pokemon. (Charizard's so cute... Too bad he's a male... Now as for Dragonair... That's kinda yiffy.)
  • You think that hooman technology is too primitive (at least compared to the technology of my species...)
  • You've tried to think of a scaly version of the word yiff.
    (yiss was then suggested by Colm...)
  • You yiss instead of yiff.
  • You've ever been corrected for saying yiss.
  • Yissing is a way of life for you.
  • The first three letters of your furry code are FDD. (Meaning you're a dragon.)
  • You wonder where the scaly code is.
  • You decided to make up the scaly code.
  • You've ever broken your wings. (I have... twice.)
  • Lunch consists of no veggies or fruit whatsoever.
  • The only reason you read a book is because there's a dragon on the cover.
  • You knew that the title of The Land Before Time 8 (The Big Freeze) was a reference to what killed most of your species. (for dinos)
  • You know that The Land Before Time 8 has nothing to do with Chicxulub, but you watch it anyway. (I hate most dinos, and I'm a asteroid freak.)

  • You're well known for saying yiff, and after reading this list, you accidently say yiss, because it's the version most scalies use.
  • The word "cow" to you doesn't mean "milk". It means "lunch!".
  • A horse isn't something you ride. It's something you eat. (also applicable to wolves)
  • You're ticked at the lack of professional teams with a dragon as their mascot.
  • You get miffed at the multitude of mideval stories where the dragon is the bad guy.
  • The only reason you watched "Shrek" is because there's a dragon in it. (A dragoness, that is.)
  • The only reason you still play Magic: The Gathering is because of the number of dragon cards.
  • You're told to breathe deep and you refuse on account that if you did, you'd get arrested for arson. (Not to mention you'd get sued.)

You might be a scaly if... by - Talon

  • you try to blink your nictitating membranes.
  • you have yellow eyes.
  • you are upset that video game systems offer so few Scaly characters.
  • you think that 'Primal Rage' is one of the best games of all time.
  • you call your bed a nest.
  • ...and it looks like one.
  • you call little ones hatchlings, ect...
  • you don't like the word " 'dino'saur" because there isn't really anything terrible about you.
  • your metabolism slows down when it gets cold.
  • you took a trip to go through the portal in the Mario Bros movie.
  • you don't like the song 'Walk the Dinosaur' because in the end they are killing us.
  • the land before time makes you hungry.
  • you've ever considered getting your beef straight from the farm.
  • you have the patience to wait all day for a meal to come within striking range.
  • you made your own 'You might be a Scaly if...' list.
  • people who don't even know you are scaly have given you a scaly nick name.
  • when you think about how the humans evolved you think of reptiles becoming mammals.
  • you find your history books in prehistory or mythology.
  • you find hair to be annoying but warm.
  • you bought a play station just for Spyro.
  • you buy Bic lighters daily for your cheep fire breathing trick.
  • you've ever used turtle wax on your skin.(good for classy events, too shiny for hunting)
  • your skin is as easy to clean as a tile floor.
  • you think that dry skin means that you are about to shed it.
  • you think that the dinos in Jurassic Park are yissy.

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